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Mike Robinson |

The Gate at Lacock Abbey

The Gate at Lacock Abbey
Daguerreotype (1/2 plate)
in glass mount
0 x 0 in. (0 x 0 mm)
Signed, titled and dated on the verso. In painted glass mounts that are secured in handmade paper holders. These images were taken in preparation for the first ever daguerreotype workshop organized by Roger Watson, curator of the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock abbey. Mike Robinson noted, "My family and I arrived in Lacock on July 28th 2011 and these images were taken between July 29th and August 14th. The darkroom was located in a converted barn on the main street of the Village of Lacock just across from the Red Lion Inn." The entire village and the Abbey was once owned by William Henry Fox Talbot, a decedent of William Sharrington, first private owner of the Abbey and surrounding property. When Henry VIII abolished the monasteries the Abbey, founded in 1229, he sold to his friend Sharrington in 1539. William Henry Fox Talbot, inherited Lacock Abbey as a youth, and it is here where he invented the paper negative / positive photographic process. The Abbey and Town of Lacock were gifted as a National Trust Property by Fox Talbot's grand daughter in the mid 20th century.
Price: $4,000 (ref. 12901)