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Priya Kambli |

Anjooba & Me

Anjooba & Me
Pigment print
4-1/4 x 9-3/8 in. (108 x 238 mm)
Signed, numbered 7/10, titled and noted Life Support Edition in ink on verso. Sold at "Life Support" which was a charity event to support Doctors Without Borders. Kambli says that her photos "visually express the notion of transience and split cultural identity caused by the act of migration. Recently in my artwork I have been viewing this issue through the lens of my own personal history and cultural identity. My move from India to the United States 13 years ago left me feeling that I do not belong fully to either culture â" leaving me unable to anchor myself in any particular cultural framework. This disconnection from both cultures has changed the way I perceive myself by forming a hybrid identity, a patching together of two cultures within one person. Photography has been a way of bridging the gap between the two cultures while coming to terms with my dual nature. Ironically, because photography appears to be "true", it allows me to create convincing fictional depictions of my new identity. My digital photographs reflect the tension caused due to the duality by piecing together fragmented images and by mingling family snapshots with carefully staged imagery."
Price: $350 (ref. 12041)