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Peter R. Hvizdak |

Godmother and Child

Godmother and Child
Silver print
on original mount
6-11/16 x 9-15/16 in. (170 x 252 mm)
Typed label on verso with photographer, date and newspaper information. Title on typed label on recto. The photo was part of an Associated Press exhibition in 1976 and was the lead photo in a 1976 photo essay the photographer made at a nursing home in Connecticut. Born in Port Chester, NY of parents who emigrated from Czechoslovakia after WWII, Peter Hvizdak studied International Relations and Political Science in college. Traveling throughout the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe in 1972 for a college political science graduate course, Hvizdak felt the joy of making photographs as he explored the streets of the countries he studied. Hvizdak was later hired as a New Haven Register staff photographer in 1974 and he also worked as a public relations staff photographer for United Technologies Sikorsky Aircraft Division. A member of both the American Society of Media Photographers and the Editorial Photographers group, Hvizdak continues to make award-winning photographs. His client list has included ABC News, Forbes, Fortune, IBM, the Los Angeles Times, New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, Oprah Winfrey/Harpo Productions, Parade magazine, People magazine, Reader's Digest, Rodale Press, Shubert Theatre of Performing Arts, Sikorsky Aircraft, Sports Illustrated, TIME, Inc., US News & World Report and USA Today--among many others.
Price: $450  Sale: $315 (ref. 9830)