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Mike Robinson |

Lily & Pitcher 1

Lily & Pitcher 1
Daguerreotype (1/2 plate)
in glass mount
0 x 0 in. (0 x 0 mm)
Half plate daguerreotype by Mike Robinson. Signed and dated by the artist on image and signed on the reverse of mount. Over a period of six months Mike produced a series of 21 half-plate daguerreotypes for the series Flowers 2002. A collection of floral still lifes, some with the addition of hand-coloring, these plates also play on the brilliant whites presented by objects from a private collection of granite ware. As usual with Robinson's work, Flowers 2002 combines an exceptional range of tonality, three-dimensional detail, and a modern choice of subject matter. The result presents a clear challenge to those who would pigeonhole the daguerreotype as a process which is inherently 19th century, or view the 19th-century daguerreotype as a "lost art" whose technical qualities are inaccessible to modern artists. Plates from the Flowers series are housed in a simple but elegant custom-designed paper matting.Mike Robinson's Century Darkroom in Toronto has gained a reputation in several alternative photographic processes. Robinson's work in the daguerreotype combines a classical sense of beauty with the high level of technical skill required for success in this difficult photographic medium. His unique contribution to the modern daguerreotype has gained increasing recognition, and a series of Mike's daguerreotypes were recently commissioned for the holdings of the Hallmark Photographic Collection.He often houses his images in modern handcrafted cases and passé-partout mounts that resemble the older cases from France and the United States. This combination of old and new approaches is one of the things that distinguish Mike's work.
Price: $2,500  Sale: $1,750 (ref. 14840)