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William Carter |

Birds in Flight Farm, Illinois

Birds in Flight Farm, Illinois
Silver print
6-3/16 x 9-7/16 in. (157 x 240 mm)
Photographer's stamp and copyright year on verso. Title in unknown hand on verso. Photo agency stamp affixed to verso. Carter was born in Los Angeles in 1934 and graduated from Stanford University in 1957. His books include: "Illuminations", "Middle West Country", "Preservation Hall" and "Ghost Towns of the West". His work has been published in numerous publications including LIFE, the Los Angeles Times and London Sunday Times. Carter's images are in many private and museum collections, including the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Royal Photographic Society, the Portland Art Museum of the Oregon Art Institute, Museum Ludwig, the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, the Stanford University Museum Canter Center, the University of Texas at Austin, and the French Bibliotheque Nationale. He is listed in the Auer & Auer and George Eastman House databases. His images include nudes, jazz, landscapes and reportage. Besides the United States, he has photographed in Iraq and Lebanon, having moved to Beirut in 1964 as a photographer-writer. In 1966 he moved to London and accepted freelance commissions for journalistic and commercial clients worldwide.
Price: $450  Sale: $315 (ref. 8899)