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The Outer Planets

The Outer Planets
Dye Transfer
on original mount
15.8 x 22.6 in. (401 x 574 mm)
Unique print. Used in LIFE 6/81, pp 78-79 for cover story, "Remapping the Heavens, From Our Space Probes a New Picture Atlas of the Planets." Unique composite of Jupiter (left), the largest planet, and Saturn (below), second in size and girdled by an intricate ring system, Uranus (far right), Neptune (middle right), and Pluto (near right) that lies three billion miles from Earth at the edge of the solar system. When Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were formed, their thick atmospheres were protected by size and distance from the ravages of the solar wind, and like the Sun itself, they remain balls of volatile gases.
Price: $8,000 (ref. 14212)