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Andrew De Lory |

Three Photographs from VietnamThree Photographs from VietnamThree Photographs from Vietnam

Three Photographs from Vietnam
Silver print
8-1/4 x 5-1/2 in. (210 x 140 mm)
Copyright © 1971 Andrew de Lory, All Rights Reserved. Initialed on verso of these vintage prints. Titles include America in Vietnam, Hon Tre Island 1971; two images of Black Power demonstration at Long Binh ("the brothers maintain their own society and rituals). Comes with a copy of a magazine article with two of the images illustrated. The boy who loved to make pictures for fun has been in the business of image-making since his first assignment at the Newport Folk Festival. Andrew de Lory studied film, photography and journalism in college. Minor White, Andre Kertesz and Arnold Newman were his mentors. He went on to serve as a combat photographer in the U. S. Army at West Point and in Vietnam. In the 1970s de Lory was House Photographer for DK Publishing, a Reader's Digest company in London, working with design teams on "how to" photo, cooking and gardening books. He exhibited in the U.K. at The Arts Council of Great Britain and The Royal Academy of Art. Andrew traveled widely on assignment and was Artist In Residence at Mishkenot Sha’ananim, Jerusalem. In 1982 de Lory established his own business in the San Francisco Bay Area. Working with state-of-the-art digital tools as an experienced problem solver and gifted artist, Andrew continues his boyhood passion, innovating, enjoying and perfecting his craft and art.
Price: $1,500 (ref. 13778)