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Alfred Eisenstaedt |

Dunes of Squibnocket Beach, Martha's Vineyard

Dunes of Squibnocket Beach, Martha's Vineyard
Silver print
6-3/8 x 9-1/2 in. (162 x 241 mm)
Photographer's stamp and caption in ink on verso. Eisenstaedt was introduced to the Vineyard in 1937 by way of an assignment from LIFE 's publisher. In William Marks' story "Vineyard Time and Eisie" published in The Digital Journalist, Eisie's first impression is retold, " Larsen guided the boat across Vineyard Sound so we ended up passing by the Gay Head cliffs. In all my life, I had never imagined something like this could exist in nature. It was so unbelievably beautiful that it made my eyes fill with tears." Since 1950 Eisie spent every August in Menemsha until his death in 1995. It was his time to relax with family and friends, be the nature photographer he always wanted to be and conduct what he called "photographic experiements."
Price: $2,500 (ref. 13822)